Book #18

Wayne O’Brian:
I was a little disappointed that I didn’t have more time in the airports — Salt Lake City and Atlanta, but the connections were tight.  I worried that the four books I had should be given soon so I wouldn’t “mung” them in my backpack.  I unloaded them carefully in my room on Folly Breach near Charleston. SC.  I was bummed that I had only found one recipient.  But I remembered, don’t rush it.

We stayed on the beach for a week with 19 of Tami’s family members in a large house.  Two nights before we left a bunch of us went drinking including Tami’s sister Tonya and her husband Chuck and her brothers oldest kid Sam, who was about 20 years old.  We ended  the evening at the Big Hotel’s Bar dancing and laughing.  Alcohol frees the tongue and especially did for her brother in law Chuck who had quit chewing tobacco about three weeks prior.  I just know how much he wanted a chew and wasn’t surprised when he lit off at Sam about the dangers of the habit.  Sam, of course, was looking straight at him with a giant plug of fresh tobacco nestled in his cheek.  Chuck passionately talked about his decision to quit by revealing that he was touched by a feeling that life wasn’t just about him, but others he desperately loved and how he realized the risk he placed them in because of his habit.  He made a passionate speech.  I wish I could have given him a chew.  He made most of us cry into our drinks.

The next day I asked Tonya if Chuck read and she said, hardly.  I gave her the book under the condition that they read it together and she agreed.  I don’t know Chuck very well, but really like him and know that the book will touch him and reassure him that life truly is more than just about ourselves.