Book #58

Garret to Olivia Schofield, to Michael Corob, who writes us, Oct. 18, 2015:

My secret number is 58, and I just finished reading the book. It was given to me by a good friend, Olivia Schofield of Berlin, and I will pass it on tomorrow, to a random stranger as you requested. I was going to give it to a young lady who wants me to teach to paint, but I will be open to the moment instead.

On many Wednesday nights I go to Lucia’s Wine Company’s Open Mic. Many very young (as young as 5) teenagers, and young and older adults come to play music, sing, every now and then read poems…and I do something else. I share one or my paintings and stories based on my life experience. I am introduced, “We have a regular, Michael Corob, Artist, Author, Motivational Speaker, please give him a big hand!”

As I tell and share I watch for eye contact and smiles, then afterward approach the people and talk with them. Fun.

Now, here is the part that relates to giving away art. I also draw and paint pictures of the performers- sometimes realistic, sometimes as animals. When people play, I paint quickly, finish the sketch at my bar stool, then give it away directly to the performer. For young people, I do this while their parents are around, so they do not think I am some stranger approaching their child. I just smile, tell them that I enjoy their music, give them the artwork, and sit down. A couple of weeks ago a family of young girls stepped up to the mic one at a time to play and sing. The youngest was the bravest, and I painted drew a picture of her, made some adjustments, made it into a painting and presented it to her. Her father reminded me that I had painted a picture of her about a year earlier, and the picture that I made still hangs on the wall in her bedroom.

I used to have an expectation of praise, or a monetary reward. Not any more. It is my honor to share, and the response I receive is up to them. Your book has helped me to confirm my convictions in the value of doing this. I believe that the universe ( or God) does pay attention to how much we share our gifts, and directly, or most often indirectly shows us how much our gifts are appreciated.

Although it was painful to read, I do appreciate Garret sharing his internal struggles near the end of the book. We all have our life lessons to learn, and sometimes if we don’t get them the first time around, the come to us in a different form until we do.. then we are given new life lessons.

Tim, your drawings feel lively and free. I especially enjoy the line drawing with figures that have hands- especially pages 19 and 91.

Well, that is all for now. If you wish to keep in touch with me, I will share more. If you want to see what my creative life is like, look up my facebook: Michael Corob

Thank you for your gifts.

Michael Corob

…and on Oct. 19:

Today I showed the illustrations book to an nice elderly  artist who draws and paints figures.  When she giggled and laughed at page after page, I knew that she was the one to give it to. She appreciated it.      -Micheal