Books # 60-69

Instructions+FramedA collection of some of the stories of gifting of the Random Gifts of Art book, by their respective book numbers.

Click the number for the full story.



62 Given by Tim Holmes to Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa. “I’ve done several art/freedom projects with Archbishop Tutu, who has been awarded some of my sculptures.”- TH

63 Given by Tim Holmes to Pres. Jimmy Carter. “Jimmy Carter and Rosalyn Carter were both awarded sculptures of mine, different sculptures by different organizations for different reasons. Kind of cool!” -TH


65 Given by Tim Holmes to Ambassador Andy Young. “I met Andy at the presentation of my sculpture “Olympic Africa” to Archbishop Tutu (see book #62 above) who was the honorary president of the Cape Town Olympic Bid committee, that commissioned the sculpture. Rosa Parks was also there, but alas died before I could convince Garret to write a book to give to her.” -TH


67 Barbara Beckman, to Sabine Ziegler (click here for the touching full story.)

68 Karen Bohlinger, to Julie Wu, Director of International Exhibition Marketing, Shanghai, China.


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