Book #439

May 21, 2016- Jane Cutler
We got to Vienna and settled in to prepare for our RGA show. Then I heard from my friend Jane Cutler (from Delaware, whom I haven’t seen in many years) that she too was in Vienna! What luck! We messaged each other, trying to work out a rendezvous, but we were both busy. That night I was invited to a Mahler concert and she said she was going to a concert of Bruckner Orchester Linz, which I took to mean a concert in the city of Linz. It was not until the Mahler concert was over that I looked at the title on the ticket my friend Karin had handed me just as we had entered and read “Bruckner Orchester Linz”! Jane had been in the same hall!! I quickly ran to the entrace to look for her but to no avail. Oh, so close…
After that failed rendezvous and an inability to find another time to meet, I had to tell her that we were off to our next show in Munich. So I was rather amazed when I got another message from Jane saying they too were headed to Munich! Again, what are the odds?  Fortunately although they had tickets to a ballet the night of our performance, we were able to meet the next morning for a beautiful reunion! What a great pleasure to meet an old friend unexpectedly so far away from home! She loved the RGA idea and says she wants to buy several copies.