Books # 50-59

A collection of some of the stories of gifting of the Random Gifts of Art book, by their respective book numbers.  Instructions+Framed







56  Wow- here’s a doozie~ Garret to Tara Cooper






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  • Janet Lunn

    May 14, 2016 at 11:36

    I just finished reading my May 2016 AARP magazine. I laughed at the many write ups about getting older. As I neared the end, I read your article the Acts of Kindness. I was intrigued because I Love, art galleries and books.
    I went to your website. I see that you are currently in Berlin.

    I am a giver, my kids always say…I am always doing too much. Here’s a story. Last weekend, I was going to a brunch to celebrate women over 80 whohave contributed to the community of Urbana and Champaign. One of my church members called and offered my daughter to go who is 16. The ticket gifted indicated that she was not feeling well. I immediatelymade a care package of 3 differentkindsof tea, and a biscuit or cookie of Some sort a straw (pink) and a nite..I hat my daughter to sign and pass to the sick ticket giver…here’s the thing, she wasn’t sick…She went to a farm w/ daughter n granddaughter that same day..this was revealed on Mothers day ..when she stopped by unannounce after preparing eggrolls for Mothers day. She thanked my dtr and said her family needed to give my daughter a Hug for her kindness….not One word was the guest.. Now this story could go many ways

    I will be 53 next month..this year has had a lot of health Challenges…but I am praying for more time and keeping busy and active.
    Keep enjoying life…perhaps youll come to our area, One day.

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