Book #33

Tim: I met an architect pedaling through every state in the lower 48 on his bicycle, Paul Fallon, who is asking people he meets,“How will we live tomorrow?” I gave him a book and Paul immediately looked for the secret number. “Thirty three!” he exclaimed. “This is very special to me! I designed an orphanage for a couple in Haiti who had lost their 9-year-old daughter in the quake. Her body was not found for 33 days. I designed the orphanage to house 33 girls and 33 boys!” I seemed more moved than he by the significance: “Oh, this happens all the time!”

Paul, 9/28/15:  “I gave Random Acts of Giving to the housekeeper in the motel I stayed at in Longview, WA, which is where I dipped my feet in the Pacific Ocean.”

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