Book #715

June 6, 2016, Peter

Peter is CEO of a Swedish import company, exchanging products between The Dominican Republic and Sweden, who sat next me on a flight to Paris from Stockholm. He chatted freely about his business and family. I of course told him about our project and mentioned this was the end of a tour, but that I’m a sculptor, if he couldn’t tell by my accent. We of course had what seems the obligatory talk this year: what are the chances Trump will be elected and what will we do if he wins? (He suggested the American economy would tank because no one abroad believes in a guy with no real plans.) When we landed he fished for his business card and told me to keep in touch. “You never know when an arbitrary contact will come in handy. Please add me to your LinkedIn network. I have a lot of contacts in DR, perhaps I can get an exhibition for you!” That seemed rather optimistic. As we were fetching our things upon arrival I grabbed some postcards of my sculptures, to at least try to reduce the chances of his later regrets. Then I pulled out a book for him. He was delighted and promised to get back to me. We might be just two passing ships. Or it might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.