Book #24

Val Walund, 9/30/15:
Hello Garret, Received your book from your Mom. and read it this summer. After I read it I wondered who would receive the book. During my wait for the plane in Butte, I ran into friends dropping off a relative The relative sat with me as we waited to board the plane. She is a music therapist in California. After talking with her I gave her your book. It was a nice opportunity to pass the time and talk to someone. As I traveled from airport to airport, I watched passengers and listened to their talk. Most travelers appeared wary of each other and engrossed in their laptops, ipads, and phones. I think these devices are comfort zones for most. When I took my shuttle to my destination, another passenger, an older man, was seated inside the van. My gut told me he had an interesting story, so I took your advice and tried to engage him in conversation. The ride was two hours long and my attempt was not successful. After he was dropped off, the driver told me that the man was a medical doctor from San Francisco, spoke several languages, and had been a Canadian champion weightlifter in his younger days. I still wonder how the driver pulled this information from the man while traveling from his airport terminal to mine. I could not engage this older man in conversation during our 2 hour trip. Thanks for the opportunity to read your book. I wish we could connect with one another, we would have less problems in the world. Valerie