Book #27

29 April, 2016

Dear Garret,

We have never met, but to me it feels like I know you…

Your friend Donna gave me your book, Random Gifts of Art, and I love it! It has been such an inspiration to me. The way you write about how you made the decision about whom to give the drawings, don’t force it, has helped me a lot. Don’t force anything in life, just live your life. It sounds really easy saying it like this, but I’m trying my best to live my life that way, although I struggle with it…

I struggled with it just before Donna gave me your book, and there it was, this sign that I could let go the things I tried to control, don’t force it, let it be.

Thank you for that. Thank you for telling your stories. Every story is amazing by itself. Every story gives me something­­, teaches me something.

You have inspired me to give more, see people, to live here and now.

It is really funny, because since I was gifted with your book, it seems like living in the here and now is following me. I see, hear, and feel it everywhere I go. Be open to your world and who is in it. That is what you gave me by writing your book. My world is more beautiful than it was yesterday.

To be honest, I have been thinking for a few days now what to write to you. Because I would like to give you something back… I love making bracelets, so I wanted to send you one. You can do with it what you want, but I’m happy that I can give you something that I love to do.

I have been making them for a year now. I started making them because I found myself stuck watching television, surfing on the Internet and that didn’t do anything for me. I started giving them away to people I met during my travels. A lot of people helped me out, without asking something in return: the art of giving.

I really just wanted to say thank you. You and Tim are both an inspiration.

Sent with love,

~ Mariska, the stranger who received book #27