Book #406

May 8, Berlin- Enzo (Book #408)
I love little better than going to museums and especially in a new town for me, like Berlin. This morning I toured the Markisches Museum, about Berlin’s history. The great weather left me nearly alone among the exhibits. When I found myself in the children’s corner I must have looked confused. A guard came up and explained that section and directed me to a room with a model of the early town. He began to explain how the town was forged between two villages across the river from each other (with striking paralells to the split Berlin of the soviet era!) I kept expecting him to excuse himself to return to his post, but he must have felt how he fed my interest. He explained dark ages history with illuminating references to American politics and contemporary world events. Much as I was greatful for the tutoring, I felt I was monopolizing his time. But both of us seemed eager to contintue.
Eventually he looked at his watch. I said I found the discussion fascinating, introduced myself, and asked if I could take him to lunch. No, he didn’t have time for that, but I talked him into letting me tag along on his break. Enzo walked me quickly outdoors and over the bridge to his favorite Turkish lunch couter. There the owner chatted with us cheerfully while building our sandwiches, and I had the great pleasure of being good-naturedly teased for my German by virtual strangers.
By that time we both seemed to feel a real strong connection. I told him about my work and the RGA project and performance. He seemed disappointed I wouldn’t be there longer, but he handed me his address and invited me to stay with him and his wife next time I come to town. I’d made an instant friend and I hadn’t even given him a book yet! That I did, snapped a photo with him, and, promising to come to our show, he hurried back to work with my sculpture catalog and book #406 under his arm, chewing the last of his wrap. This was my birthday, and I got to do some fun stuff, but this interaction was by far my favorite part!