Books # 20-29

A collection of some of the stories of gifting of the Random Gifts of Art book, by their respective book numbers. Instructions+Framed

20 -Garret to Wayne O’Brian to Mike Gilleran to Ethan:

Tim says:  I just was coming off the street into my studio when a truck screeched to a halt outside, the driver opened the window and called out “Tim Holmes?” I thought about my chances of making it inside unscathed but my hands were full. “Yes, I’m afraid that’s me.”
“My name is Mike Gilleran and my son and I have been trading off reading to each other chapters of you guys’ book”, he said,  holding up a copy.
“Oh,” I said, feigning curiosity, as if I’d never seen one, though
I knew he had me fair and square. “Where’d you get it?”
“Wayne O’brian gave it to me!” Rats. Check mate. “… and we’ve just absolutely loved it! So is it all gifts or can we buy a copy?”
“Well, the whole point is to give them away, but of course you could buy one. We’re going to launch officially in a couple months with a live performance at the Myrna.”
“Cool! Can I get you to let me know? My son is in Bozeman and we want to get him over here for it”, he said, digging out a card to hand to me. “Keep up the good work!” And with that he roared off.











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