Book #426

May 9, 2016- Alex Berg, Berlin

Went to an improv show at the Comedy Cafe Berlin. A hilariously talented troupe of four who did an entire hour based on one story from the audience. At the beginning of the show, they asked the audience, “We need someone to come up and tell a story. Does anyone want to volunteer?” Nobody raised their hand. “Okay, so that’s how it’s going to be. How about this, is anyone sitting next to a friend who has a story?” My so-called friends sold me out. Three hands stabbed the air above my head. “That was quick. There’s no getting out of it now. Come up here and tell us a story.” I won’t bore you with the details of my embarrassing story (thankfully there’s no video evidence), but these guys were amazing. Based on one simple, yet terrifying, moment in my life as an eighteen-year-old, they weaved an intricate series of skits that rolled the house. One of the performers was Alex Berg from the Upright Citizens Brigade, who happened to be a guest, as he was traveling through Europe teaching Improv workshops. Thanks to my friends, Tony, Olivia, and Tim, we got to meet him after the show. And we gave him book number 426 as a gift––for being a brilliant performer, and for being so funny that I am now almost fully recovered from that traumatic morning, at 5:30am in 2004. I’m finding it already easier to use a public restroom.


Garret shares a story at the Berlin improv club.