Book #474

My name is Zac, I had book #474, I received it in between two countries (Hungary and Czech) but not exactly sure where. I read it in Iceland in two sittings on the 23/6/2016. After reading the book I instantly began to feel the pressure you described in the book about giving away the free art work for the first time. I was going through situations in my head of who might be the perfect recipient in a country where I know no one, and to be honest, was unsure if even spoke English.

Luckily for me I didn’t have to stew over it for too long. We then we met up with a friend who was a glacier guide at the time, and stayed at his team headquarters. We organised with his team that on their next days off they would join us to travel to the east side of Iceland. It was while camping on these days I met a guy called Ryan Christopher Connolly. This guy was such a nice person with a big heart, and spoke of things in the world differently to anyone I had ever met. He instantly changed my perception on a few things that I at the time viewed with a slight negative light. This guy has a talent, he has the ability to provide a positive view on a situation, without and argument/debate, just a simple conversation, and not put pressure to accept or deny his view. I really enjoyed the conversations and time I spent camping with Ryan which is why on the last day I gifted him ‘the gift of giving’. He was thrilled and so intrigued that he read it that day on their looong car ride back to the headquarters.

He reported back to me soon after, telling me that everyone was so interested in his new book at the staff headquarters that they had all read it and all loved it. He then had said he was stuck in the dilemma of feeling the pressure of finding an appropriate recipient verses letting that person find him. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity on the train Garret, I really like what you and Tim are doing, it makes us think and it allows us to give. We already have the power to give but for some people it needs to be unlocked and I’m sure the gift of giving is helping to unlock this in some people. Regards, Zac