What is Random Gifts of Art?

It’s a book. It’s a comedy tour. It’s a social art project with a TEDx talk. It’s a way to reach out.

Random Gifts of Art is an art project. Or a social project. Or an attempt to live life more fully. Or maybe to scratch the itch in all of us to reach out and see who's there. Garret Garrels and Tim Holmes are spreading art, creative ideas, books, and kindnesses of all around and into the world.

Generosity pulses in all of us just under the skin. We all love people and we long to connect generously with others. It's one of the most fulfilling things we do. Slipping into that mode happens at any moment with the slightest gesture. We'd like to see that happen more often. Perhaps even embrace it as a way of life.

Curious? Wanna hear some tales? Have a story to tell? Random Gifts of Art starts there, but continues on in surprising directions. We wonder where or if it will end...


We are social creatures, longing for an authentic connection, a possibility that's often very close.

European Performance Tour

Random Gifts of Art has gone through many iterations, including a live performance of a "philosphical comedy" version of the story. This one-act interactive play premiered in 2015 and then went on a European tour in 2016. in the fall it appeared in the Last Chance New Play Fest, where we won an award. Our 2017 updated performance schedule can be found here. Our intended schedule is as follows:

Europe Tour Schedule:

Sweden - Borlänge

Kulturhuset Svanen

May 10 @ 19:00

Finland -Helsinki


May 13 @ 10:30am

Denmark -Copenhagen  

Teatret ved Sorte Hest

May 17th and 18th

Germany -Berlin

Toastmaster’s     May 20

The Comedy Club Kookaburra    May 22

Czech Republic -Prague

Prague (Coffee shop)    May 26  

Prague (Theater)         May 27  

Prague (School)        May 29

Hungary - Budapest:

Brody Studios

May 31

Please if you have friends (or enemies you wish to torment with kindness) let them know we're coming so they have plenty of time to think of an excuse to get out of town!


Random Gifts of Art: What to expect next?

Tim and Garret goof off in Budapest
Tim and Garret goof off in Budapest


A Private Lark Goes International

Speaker/storyteller Garret Garrels and artist Tim Holmes collaborate to create a multi-dimensional performance art project based on Random Gifts of Art, a social art movement spreading generosity and connecting people across our world. It all started as a personal means of friendly outreach as Garret traveled around the U.S. and Europe from his home in Helena, Montana. It was a simple idea: to give Tim's original art to random strangers along the way and ask nothing in return. But generosity is contagious!

The success of that simple idea has led to a website, a book, a TV show and a TEDx talk. Then the project morphed into a funny yet poignant live performance. Following a rousing premier, the show headed to Europe for a short tour in spring 2016 (see Tour Blog). In a world where there's too much fear and we all become too disconnected from each other, perhaps the medicine we need is a spark of generosity. See if you can go any further without being overtaken by a smile!

Giftees of art and readers of the book are encouraged to add their own story of getting or giving the gift. They are often simple and touching tales, some of which are FEATURED, and any of which can be searched here.   =>

Random Gifts of Art on TED