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Spring 2017 Tour

Random Gifts of Art has gone through many iterations, including a live performance of a “philosphical comedy” version of the story. This “one+ act play” premiered in 2015 and then went on a European tour. in the fall of 2016 it appears in the Last Chance New Play Fest from Nov. 8 to 12. We’ll be touring Montana and Europe again in the spring of 2017 as well as performing at the Holter Museum of Art in Helena.

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Tour Starts Early

Amsterdam, May 4, 2017:

On his way to Europe for our 2017 Random Gifts of Art tour, Garret found friends on the plane! And not just any friends; Kevin and Ilgaz were featured in one of the “Tales of Woah” TV shows we did last year. When the plane landed in Amsterdam, Kevin handed Garret this painting he’d done. He said, “Here’s a gift to kick off your 2017 Tour.” Cool!

Garret gave them book #1,121. Meanwhile Tim was still back at home, choosing which toothbruch to take!

Kevin asked us to await the story of whom they give the book to. They’re on their way to Istanbul. We can’t wait to hear!  How’s that for starting the tour beore it starts?