The Idea

I spend a lot of time traveling. At first, every airport was fascinating—beautiful buildings, friendly security—I didn’t even mind getting frisked. Then, it started to get monotonous—boring buildings, hostile security—and getting frisked was no longer fun. Traveling, for me, became a mindless race from point A to point B. I would put my head down, close my eyes, and wake up when it was over.

The Gift
The Gift

One perk to traveling is that I get to meet a lot of people. I met an artist named Tim. As we started talking, we shared our problems with each other. I shared my frustration with long hours on the road and he explained how a lifetime of creating art led to piles of drawings that no one will ever see. Both of our processes seemed to produce inconvenient products.

Then, before I left on a trip to Scandinavia, Tim came to me with an odd request. He handed me a package, carefully wrapped, with three of his original drawings and said, “Give these away to random strangers, and ask nothing in return.”

I could’ve never dreamed how much this project would change my reality.


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